Mark is a guru as a teacher. He’s objective, has earnest and well-formulated feedback and understands how to get the best performance out of his acting students. He teaches from the inside out, developing your skills and philosophy at the core level. He let’s you find yourself as an actor in the process. Plus Karen, his assistant is also a dream to work with. You are in good hands here, highly recommend.

Brian Thum

Mark is an excellent teacher, director and writer. I have made more progress in his class than with any other teacher. Having come from a theatre background, he really helped me adjust my technique for film. You get to be on camera in every class so in addition to the spot-on direction he gives you, you can see for yourself what is and isn’t working. I love his “Star in a Movie” class where you get to go beyond the classroom and act in a short film that he writes. Some of the films have even made it into film festivals. I would unequivocally recommend Mark to anyone interested in learning the craft of acting from a real pro.

Judy C.

Mark is an excellent acting teacher. Classes are affordable and flexible. You learn something from every class. I have been acting for less than a year and I am already finding work after only taking his classes for a few months.

Laval A.

Supportive, educational and fun environment for actors at any level. There is a good variety of classes and Mark is a great teacher who can get the best out of his students!

Alycia Neal

I reviewed three other NYC acting schools before settling on Mark’s. He is a seasoned, outstanding instructor who creates a relaxed interesting environment with a diverse class of students. If you apply yourself, listen to Mark’s insightful suggestions and simply practice after class you will grow and have fun.

David S.

Before attending Mark Stolzenberg’s acting classes, I had previously been trained for stage acting. I had gone to several auditions for film and television but my inexperience on screen was quite apparent. After my first class I had a lot of the necessary tips to correct what I was doing wrong.

Each of the classes I attended was filmed. It was really helpful to see myself on the monitor. It was also helpful to see my classmates on the monitor, being that I was also able to see their live performance. By comparing the two I gained insight on the difference between stage and film. After a few classes you work your way into monologues. Mark quickly recognized my comfort zone in acting. He challenged me to try monologues outside of my comfort zone and as I rose to meet the challenge, I became a better actor.

His prices are more than reasonable for a New York acting coach. I will note you get what you give out of these classes. Mark will not baby sit you and if you come to class unprepared and unwilling to learn, you won’t take away much. It is a very interactive class.

Candance D.

I did a lot of research for acting classes and saw a very positive review that CBS did on the Acting School for Film and Television. Mark Stolzenberg is fantastic, he’s a really, really talented teacher. Not all great actors can teach, but Mark is one of the few that can do both.

Evelyn Liu

I met Mark through acting as an extra in a feature film he is making. The experience, which was fantastic, led me to take his “Essentials” course. The class is my first experience with taking acting lessons. I find him enjoyable and professional as a teacher. I would wholeheartedly recommend taking any courses Mark teaches. You will not be disappointed!

Ralph M.

Mr. Stolzenberg is inspiring as a teacher. He really gets students to grow and develop professionally.

Seth Green

I took the basic Essentials Course and was surprised how much I learned about on-camera work. Mark Stolzenberg is an outstanding teacher who really knows how to work with students to bring out their best performances. Great for students with theatre backgrounds who want to venture into the world of film and TV. Love the flexibility of the classes and the reasonable rates. If you’re serious about having a career as an actor, this is the place to be.

Karen G.

Mark Stolzenberg acting classes are incredible. He really pushes you to your limit and makes the characters come alive in his short films. My favorite class is his “Star in the Movie” class, which prepares you for any acting audition and gives you amazing material for your reel. Even if you’re not a professional actress, his classes teach you how to be more self confident and even improves sales and marketing performances on your day job. These classes are essential for living in a competitive world and I highly recommend you take a class and see for yourself your amazing transformation.

Beth B.