Online Acting Classes with NYC School for Film, Television, and Video Enrolling Now

Many aspiring actors have a big dream. Move to The City and take classes at one of the great acting schools in the Big Apple. But the cost to move, rent an apartment, and live in NYC keeps the idea at arm’s length…truly just a dream.

Not anymore!!! You can take online classes with actor/director/producer Mark Stolzenberg from anywhere in the world, including your own living room. Read more about Mark here.

Acting Classes with Mark used to be only in-studio. But the COVID Virus changed all that. The shocking surprise was that Zoom was better than the studio for acting classes. Every minute of every online acting class was on camera and recorded for later evaluation.

As each student tests their skills online, Mark is able to make immediate critiques and suggested improvements, followed by the student’s revised performance. The instant progress is obvious to everyone in the online acting class.

The Acting School for Film and Television was ranked as one of the top acting schools in New York by CBS. The reviews on Google and Yelp speak volumes about the success of those who attend. Moreover, many of the students have participated in award winning shorts written and produced by Mark Stolzenberg.

Don’t wait another minute! Get enrolled today and move your acting skills to the next level. Whether you are hoping to do movies, television, commercials, or YouTube, these classes will help you win those roles and move your career into overdrive.

You can enroll online here. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call Mark Stolzenberg, founder and director of the school. He’ll be happy to help you design the perfect course plan for your specific goals.