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No pre-requisites – beginners welcome. This is an on-camera class that stresses acting for film and television -all classes are filmed and you review your work at the end of each class on a TV monitor.

The class is kept limited size to ensure everyone gets private camera time. Additionally, if there is anything particular that you want to work on, personal help will be given. 

You will work on Eye Line (where to look) how to project your voice, emotions, and physicality. I stress believability and vulnerability and have many tricks of the trade to share. I spend time working on close-ups. We do monologues, improvisations, commercials, and some scene work-most of the material is from movies.

On-Camera Class

DSFSD I teach “acting technique” with an eclectic approach. All the work is geared to making you look most effective on screen. In the final class we will screen your work in a theatre for casting directors, agents, managers, etc. You can email some of my students from last term for recommendations. Students love the class. Some students continue with me for years.

Essentials – 9 classes for $750 [LIVE]

Essentials – 9 classes for $575 [ZOOM]

Advanced – 9 classes for $750 [LIVE]

Advanced – 9 classes for $575 [ZOOM]

Essentials PLUS Advanced – 18 Classes for $1300 [LIVE]

Essentials PLUS Advanced – 18 Classes for $1000 [ZOOM]

Single Trial Class  – $125 [LIVE]

Single Trial Class  – $75 [ZOOM]


Other Amount: USD


Pre-requisite: Essential’s Class or Mark Stolzenberg’s permission to take this class. An audition may be required. The advanced class gives advanced and professional actors a chance to focus on their specific needs and professional development. Students are given more difficult audition and scene work, and are challenged to broaden and expand their range with improv and specific exercises. Emphasis is placed on perfecting and polishing performances, creating a film persona and facing the challenge of more difficult roles. Audition monologues are perfected and multiple takes of performances are used to fine tune students’ work. The business of film acting is also covered with suggestions on headshots, resumes, creating a reel, and networking.

Essentials – 9 classes for $750 [LIVE]

Essentials – 9 classes for $500 [ZOOM]

Advanced – 9 classes for $750 [LIVE]

Advanced – 9 classes for $500 [ZOOM]

Essentials PLUS Advanced – 18 Classes for $1300 [LIVE]

Essentials PLUS Advanced – 18 Classes for $1000 [ZOOM]

Trial Package (for one time purchase only)

4 classes for $450 [LIVE]

4 classes for 350 [ZOOM]

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Other Amount: USD


Learn the craft of film acting, build your resume and a reel through the experience of acting a leading role in a short film or movie scene which will be directed by the instructor. This will be a basic production which will highlight actors’ performances.

Work on: scene study, interacting with other actors, listening and responding, character development, being in the moment for multiple takes, improvisations and exercises to improve your technique, various “tricks of the trade”, taking and implementing precise direction, adjusting performance for various camera angles and shots, and selecting and or creating appropriate material. You will become familiar with the shooting and editing process and review and discuss classmates’ performances to discover what works best on film. The scenes will be filmed and edited by a professional cinematographer and editor. Multiple takes and close-ups will be shot.

Four Sessions:

  1. Select Material, Analyze Scene, Read-Throughs, Improvisation
  2. Rehearse Scene, Multiple Shots, Improvisations, Explore props and Staging
  3. Dress Rehearsal and Polish
  4. 4-6 Meetings plus a Film Shoot

$900 for 4 sessions. Includes a downloadable video that you keep for your reel.

Classes are ongoing – Enroll today.

Other Amount: USD

Shown at Film Festivals

Many of our STAR IN A MOVIE films have been honored in film festivals around the country.


Mark Stolzenberg has done principal roles in over 30 television commercials both national and international. 

Learn About and Practice:

  • Audition Technique
  • Cold Readings
  • Different Styles and Types of Commercials
  • Reading Copy Boards
  • Character Portrayal
  • Analyzing Copy
  • Interpreting Story Boards
  • How To Dress
  • Blocking and Hitting Marks
  • The Use of Props

  • Handling The Product
  • Mime and Pantomime for Commercials
  • Various Tricks of The Trade
  • The Business of Commercials
  • Pleasing Casting Directors

5 classes for $395

Classes are ongoing – Enroll today.

Other Amount: USD


Learn how to promote yourself and get work as an actor. The basics are covered: headshots, resumes, casting notices, mailing lists, networking, acting reels, acting websites. In the final class you will meet an agent or manager.

Class 1: Your Headshot & Resume

Learn how to put together a headshot and resume that will help you get work.

Class 2: How To Market Yourself

Learn about casting websites, networking, mailing lists, publications, where to get work and more.

Class 3: Creating an Acting Reel and Acting Website

A reel and Website is a must in today’s Industry.  Learn how to to do it right.

Class 4: Meet an Agent or Manager

Talk to a guest lecturer who is a professional manager or agent.

$395 for 5 classes

Classes are ongoing – Enroll today.

Other Amount: USD


Create a monologue which will be filmed in class and then screened to an Agent, Manager, Casting Director, or Producer. First 2 sessions Mr. Stolzenberg will help you perfect your monologue. Third session, we will shoot the monologues and in the fourth session we will screen your work for an agent, manager, producer, director, or casting director. Call for start dates.

$395 for 5 classes

Classes are ongoing – Enroll today.

Other Amount: USD


Special classes are offered on the weekends for students under 12 years old, and they are taught by Scarlett Antonia (please see her bio in the “About Us” section).  Call or email us for scheduling and tuition.