Beginner Acting Classes


The Essentials Acting Class has no pre-requisites – beginners are welcome. This is an on-camera beginner acting class that stresses acting for film and television – all classes are filmed and you review your work at the end of each class on a TV monitor.

Our Beginner Acting Class is kept limited size to ensure everyone gets private camera time. Additionally, if there is anything particular that you want to work on, personal help will be given. You will work on Eye Line (where to look) how to project your voice, emotions, and physicality. I stress believability and vulnerability and have many tricks of the trade to share. I spend time working on close-ups. We do monologues, improvisations, commercials, and some scene work-most of the material is from movies.

I teach “acting technique” with an eclectic approach. All the work is geared to making you look most effective on screen. In the final class we will screen your work in a theatre for casting directors, agents, managers, etc. You can email some of my students from last term for recommendations. Students love the class. Some students continue with me for years.

Essentials Class-$575 for 9 Classes 

Advanced Class-$575 for 9 Classes

Both Classes-$1000 for 18 classes

Classes are ongoing — click to enroll in our Beginner Acting Class. Call the school at 212-877-2219 or 917-797-2577 for more information.

Beginner Acting Class