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“Created by writer, producer and actor Mark Stolzenberg, this school offers one-on-one coaching, special events and classes for acting in television, film and commercials. Improv and comedy classes are also offered. Check out the classes offered to find one that caters to your personal interests.”


Learn the craft of film acting, build your resume and a reel through the experience of acting a leading role in a short film or movie scene which will be directed by the instructor. In this acting class, you will work on: scene study, interacting with other actors, listening and responding, character development, being in the moment for multiple takes, improvisations and exercises to improve your technique, various “tricks of the trade”, taking and implementing precise direction, and how to adjust your performance for various camera angles and shots.



No pre-requisites – beginners welcome. These acting classes stress acting for camera – film and television – all classes are on camera and you review your work at the end of each class on a TV monitor. You will work on Eye Line (where to look) how to project your voice, emotions, and physicality. I stress believability and vulnerability and have many tricks of the trade to share. I spend time working on close-ups. We do monologues, improvisations, commercials, and some scene work. All the work is geared to making you look most effective on screen.



The advanced acting class gives advanced and professional actors a chance to focus on their specific needs and professional development. Students are given more difficult audition and scene work, and are challenged to broaden and expand their range with improv and specific exercises.  Emphasis is placed on perfecting and polishing performances, creating a film persona and facing the challenge of more difficult roles. Pre-requisite: You must take the Essential’s Class or have Mark Stolzenberg’s permission to take the Advanced Acting Class.



A huge favorite among classes offered at the New York School for Film and Television provides insights and directions into the basics of actually getting work in the business: movies, television, commercials, and now the Internet. Here are some of the ideas that will be taught in depth regarding the audition: 1. Do not expect a big technical event. Even Hollywood movies and major television auditions generally take place in a very small room with one small camera and a casting director. That’s it! No bells and whistles. I try to create the simplicity of these audition situations in my classes, though I actually add a…



I could write an entire book on this subject but I will address some high points and hot tips for you. When preparing to act on stage we say that the character we intend to portray is 50% the actor melded with 50% of the writer’s intended character. We then make a mix of those two in order to form a unique third entity called, “a character.” For film these percentages usually change, especially since most actors for film and TV are cast for who they are, and casting is very close to your type. This is because the camera picks up your real self with all your subtleties. So, for film, a character is more like 75% you and 25% what is written.



Are you ready for your close-up?
Close-ups are the meat and potatoes of film acting. If you want to be a film and television actor, it is crucial to master the art of close-up acting. It is very different from theatre acting and very different from film acting on longer, wider shots. Close-ups define your film persona and reveal if you can really act or not. NYC acting Classes at the NY Acting School for Film and Television help you with these critical skills. Most famous film actors are known for and identified by their close-ups. As a recent example, Leonardo DiCaprio won the…


About The New York Acting School for Film and TV

The New York Acting School for Film and TV offers unique and specialized acting classes in NYC, which are designed to train actors on every level, from beginners to professionals. The ultimate goal is to make students comfortable in front of the camera and help them look fabulous up on the screen.

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All of our acting classes are conveniently held in the center of NYC. Want to know how to advance your acting abilities and make yourself more marketable as an actor? Curious as to which course or package you should begin with? Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have. We’re here to help!